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NaNoWriMo/09! Argh!

November 7, 2009


Good intentions – “I’ll write daily!”  Well……I’ll sure try but that depends on my NaNovel.  

This is my first venture into NaNoWriMo.  I read all the “rules” and understood them.   Yet, I was convinced, by a loved one, to re-tool & re-start a story I had already started.  Only 500 words of that story had been written before and I did change some things about the story……..still………..It’s true, I am finding it difficult to write a NaNovel using a pre-planned story.  I already have a lot at stake in the characters and when I need to research things that come up in the story, which keeps me back from my 1,600+ words per day minimum that is needed to complete the 50,000 words that allow you to “win” NaNoWriMo/09.  I am NOT writing with abandonment; I am not writing with joy; I am not having fun.

I am re-thinking everything to do with NaNo.  I’ve pulled out the outline I had started on October 30th.  I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend to pull this off.  1,600 wpd X 6 days (as of today, 11/6/09 8:00 PM PST) = 9,600.  Oh boy.   _______________________________________________________________________

The stone of the day is = Lapis Lazuli. 

Blue = Throat Chakra = Communication.  “Relieves anxiety; good for the eyes; attracts good luck”*…all of the things a writer involved in NaNoWriMo needs in November!    

*From various sources on gemstones folklore.


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