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Drought….Not Writer’s Block

February 10, 2010

It’s been a long time between blogs.  Simple enough statement?  Not really.  A move can be fun….a move can be exciting….a move is change.  Sometimes, change comes with a price.  We’ve moved due to the US Army (Georgia/Texas/Washington State)….the US Air Force (SoCal)….school for my husband (Spain)….school for me (L.A.)….to be closer to family members going through illness (back to Florida)…in reality, it has been an adventure.  However – we moved back to SoCal last March (rental) and moved AGAIN to a new house in December (own this one) and ENOUGH!

I was writing in flow, I was in The Zone, last year.  August through November I was going full steam.  I had a quick breakfast and sat at my desk and wrote.  Then getting ready for the move –  everything stopped.  I reluctantly left my kids in chaos (characters, dear readers, not REAL kids.)  Now I want to get back and get them out of the mess they were in when I left.  Getting back into The Zone is proving to be horrible.

There is more than a grain of truth to the belief that in order to write, you need to write!  Everyday!  Maybe it’s getting used to the new energies that swirl around in my new office.  My daughter unpacked boxes and boxes for me and organized everything for me as a gift for my birthday.  MAJOR!  Maybe it’s because I now have my desk in a niche and not out in the open.  Maybe.  I know it’s not the story.  I can see the kids sitting at a table on a patio, patiently waiting for me…..how long can they wait?  I’m writing this blog to get my head back in gear.  #WriteChat by @WritingSpirit was perfect for me this past Sunday……and Lia Keyes’ Scribblerati.com gives a boost too.  Here I go……………………..:-)

I hope your day is an OUTSTANDING one, too!


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